Saturday, 23 October 2010


You know fishing is a funny old game.Here I am in no shorter terms quite litteraly slagging off synthetic baitfish patterns when I bag another PB this evening on this same fly. a fish skull mirror image perch pattern. It was a quite session with just one strike.The current flowing under the bridge was extremely quick and as this was the only weighted fly I had in my box of 5, I was obliged to use it. Again no photos but the people across from where I was fishing got to see the whole story unfold and saw the fish first hand, when I unhooked it. 118cm (46.45 inches - length) & 61cm (24,55 - girth) estimated weight through a weight converter is 40 lb,76 = 18.34 kg My 1st 40 lb'r.

As so rightly pointed out in the comments isnt 18,34 kilos as I 1st stated but more 13kilo's
Sorry to anyone I mislead. Still I'm happy with that even though I am a fucking amateur!

Still I've had a great Autumn season


Jabala said...

Congratulations Simon!

That is one big mama and it also must be one of the biggest fly caught pikes in Finland this far. Now you need to work at least twice that hard to break your record again. Well done!

Pat Cohen said...

Congrats hell of a catch....nice fly to

All about the grab said...

Thanks lads

Unknown said...


What a fish,You must have a cigar and a glass cognac for a fish of that size.

Anonymous said...

Try with this instead.


~13,5kg, thats more realistic, amateur.


btw, pics or didn't happen.

All about the grab said...

Ooops your right I am a fucking amateur.back to the drawing boards then I suppose.

Still there is no need to be nasty about it....or maybe thats just your finish nature!

Francesco said...

I don't understand really why most of fishermen are haunted by big fish weight. And usually those really Kilo-obsessed are those who kill most of their catches...

In my opinion "cm" are more than enough... And indeed, 118 is fucking BIG.

cheers Simon,