Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Vision fly swivels

Some time back I featured a video specifically for tying your own pike wire ......Well now there's no need to bother, seeings Vision fly fishing now stock these on their webpage.You get 10 pike fly swivels in a packet for Є6.50. Now I'd never used them until a few weeks back purely because I couldn't be arsed making my own but at 65 cents a pop I'll be trying them out on one of my rigs this season.


Capt. Dave's Sport Fishing said...

I suppose this is the same company from Washington USA that distributes other swivels?

Can't figure out who's selling or doing what these days.

Jacksonville fishing

All about the grab said...

I think they are....Cant recommend this swivels enough now that I have used them for 6 months. Quick and fast and pike aren't put off by them either.