Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Fly Candy

A couple more sliders hot off the vice. As you can see Ben "Up North maine fly casting" your popper heads you sent were put to good use.

With this one I took a pink magic marker and coloured over the popper head. Stuck a couple of eyes on then bugbonded.

This is a mix of pink bucktail and pink goat hair with a splash of pink FFF Flash and baby pink tinsel flash. The collar is UV Black polar chenille.

This one I stated with colouring the head with an orange marker pen,sticking on a couple of eyes and bugbonding it. Then added some black bucktail and some black goat hair. Then added 10 or so olive ostrich hurl feathers, followed by some Chartreuse bucktail and a Olive UV polar chenille collar. Jani & I tested these on Sunday and they look fantastic in the water.