Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Fly Candy

Here are a couple of new flies I've been working on. The 1st one is a combo of red/orange and white grizzly saddle hackles tied in between clumps of red & white bucktail. I added several peacock hurl feathers at the front then bug-bonded a couple of eyes on. I been playing around with having a nice light streaming tail behind the fly and combining it with a fuller profiled head. I like to have my flies contracting/expanding/pulsing/breathing during a retrieve as well as have a lot of movement at the back of a fly.

This one I started by tying on some orange big fly fiber then some red Icelandic sheep hair. Then added 20 or so long strands of pearl tinsel. Then added small clumps of Orange/yellow & red bucktail along the hook shaft. finished it off with several peacock hurl feathers and BB some eyes on. These I know are going to bag me a couple of fish.