Friday, 16 April 2010

Loop Opti booster shooting heads

Featuring a short front taper, superb weight distribution and a low-stretch core, the Booster Big Fly shooting head turns over ”biggies” with ease. With integrated loops on both ends you’ll easily change leader and line.

This for sure is a line for big nasties, be it fish or fly.

Integrated loops and low-stretch core.
Length 8,8-9,0 m.

Comes in Float, Clear Intermediate and S III/ S IV. Line #8-9.

If you fly fish for pike with a shooting head like I do then I highly recommend you get yourself one of these LOOP Opti booster shooting heads. They load real well and cast flies like a bullet..........that's if you have a nice stiff front end to your rod, that is,and I'm not talking about your knob!