Saturday, 10 April 2010

Kvarken International Pike fly tournament

So with four weeks to go before the start of the Kvarken international pike fly tournament and things are are all in the ice. This was taken 2 weeks ago up in Svedjehamn from the newly erected bird tower. Its hard to believe that this area is the sea. Anyway there are some large open patches visible now and wont take long for it to brake up

With temperatures rising by the week and plenty of rain over the last few days all this ice will have melted in a week or so. One thing you have to remember is that the ice is far more crystallized due to it being saline and so melts at a far greater rate than ice on a fresh water lake coupled with that, 50cm of ice could melt in a day due here to the currents we have flowing around Replot,which is a a lot more dangerous for ice fisherman here...I can tell you!


fluffchucker said...

You told me it would be 14 degrees!
Guess I'd better take my shorts out of the suitcase & load up the silk longjohns