Thursday, 1 April 2010

Fly Candy

This is another Hoover/Banger pattern with probably my second favourite colour combination Black/Purple. I fish a lot during dusk n dawn, and dark flies work extremely well for me here around the island during those times.

Both these flies are tied much the same except with this one I used black goat hair for the tail & bug-bonded a couple of eyes on.

While with this one I used black party wig hair for the tail & also wrapped some Blue/purple Polar chenille around the head of the fly.

Click images for a larger view!


Danny said...

One of my favorite color combo's too. I think its probably my most successful. Very nice job. I like the crystal chenille too. I used it so much the last few years I was sick of looking at it. nice to see it on your work.

Unknown said...

Has anyone seen the social media site for the PAA? They have the pros on blogging about fishing and posting how to videos. Its a pretty cool site.