Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fly Candy

I've been playing around with a couple of new materials I haven't tied with before "Mirror Image" & "Funky fiber" the last week while I was away for Easter. Herring play a major part in the Baltic pike's diet here around Replot and so I've been blending some colours together for baitfish patterns during the summer months when snotrockets become a tad weary of my attractor patterns. This one is a combination of Natural belly, Steelhead silver, Olive and Black Mirror image fibers.

The top one of these 2 is a mix of Natural belly and Steelhead silver tied on to a tube.

This one is mainly Natural belly mixed with some Olive and then a slash of Steelhead silver on the top.

These next 2 are tied with Funky fiber. The under belly is White then mixed with some strands of grey. Then I added Olive then a splash of black for the lateral lines. I will be stocking both these materials in "" when we eventually get the shop open.

This is another Herring tube fly baitfish pattern tied with Mirror image. They aren't perfect yet but I'm rather happy with my first attempts at tying with these 2 new materials. With some more blending over the next few weeks I think I'll have some pretty realistic Herring patterns to fish with.


David Edwards said...

Are these weighted or unweighted Simon? Nice ties!

All about the grab said...

They are unweighted mate...except the bottom one that has a brass cone on the front.