Thursday, 15 April 2010

Awaiting Spring!

A small army of flies awaits patiently for the arrival of Spring to make their mark in the waters around Replot. This merry band of multi-coloured misfits should last me until the middle of least!!!. I fish so hard here once the ice melts, 88 troops will be mullard within no time. last season I used over 210 flies so I truly don't expect this lot to last, and will have to tie up another platoon of reservists for Autumn.


Jeff said...

pure win

ChuckingFluff said...

Really nice but ya gotta watch where you throw your condoms.

Anonymous said...

U know Simon the flies last longer if You don't chew on them all the time? ;)


Unknown said...

Hey mate do u fish for blenders or buzz saws or something? How the heck do u manage to frak up so many flies during a season? I use a few i think 10 tops or so - ye i don't get out there as much as i'd like but still. I extremely rare have to change fly because a pike chewed it to pieces - but once in a while i loose em during a cast from the clips :/

I guess i just don't catch the same numbers here :P