Thursday, 29 April 2010

Big hair baitfish

Here's a great baitfish tutorial using bucktail and Icelandic sheep hair.

I used Bug-Bond with this fly instead of CCG. The difference with Bug-bond is that there isn't any tack after using your UV torch to set the resin so there is no need to use Sally Hansons hard as nails to get rid of the tack which CCG ends up with. Sure it doesn't take that much longer but with Bug bond there is no need to buy another product to finish the fly off with.
I've added several long peacock hurl feathers to the top of the fly not only for a lateral line but mainly to give a little more movement to this fly overall when under the water.


Костя said...

Thanks for the video lesson, a great fly.I want to ask a question: what is best to replace the fur Islandic sheep from another natural materials?

All about the grab said...

The next best thing would be as a replacement would be Icelandic pony hair.

Костя said...

thanks for the advice Simon