Monday, 12 April 2010

Fly Candy

One of my most productive and favourite flies to tie and fish with.The olive Salamander gurglebug. Great for lakes and especially rivers. This one has Olive UV polar chenille wrapped around the hook shaft before placing the foam head over it. A Snotrocket & Bass magnet.

Click images for larger view!


WM said...


Do you have a tutorial up for this one yet? Looks a bit like the plipper.

Good lookin' critter there!

All about the grab said...

Yes Wayne,go to my label cloud and scroll down until salamander gurglebug, click it and a few posts down I have a tutorial for one.

Chris Ainger said...

For bass fishing with gurglers I use the flappy bit (technical term there) to point at the front. When it goes through the water it lifts causing a flat panel for the water to hit against. Whats is the benefit of having the flappy bit laying over the fly materials at the back instead of the front?