Monday, 26 April 2010

Fly Candy

Well I'm back from the Finish fly fair which was interesting to say the least. Saturday could only be described as manic.No sooner had I set up camp and my bench was swamped, and by the looks & sounds of it, the interest in Pike on the fly over here is definitely growing. I could genuinely feel a real hunger to learn new tying techniques and flies.

Those that do regularly fly fish for pike here though have a limited knowledge of how to tie an array of different flies.This I put down to most of them following the same forums and reading the same few articles that have been written about pike on the fly over here. Most flies I've seen whether in Helsinki or in Tampere all generally looked the same. Slinky fiber tied onto a tube then the front of the fly epoxied. I know this by the way most use a tandem hook system which they construct themselves from long shanked hooks. By the sounds of it they all work but having just one style fly in your box is very limiting.

So being able to show them different tying techniques to create different baitfish patterns was how I spent most of Saturday & Sunday. I know they'll be an influx of pictures in the pike fly sections of the forums here in the next week or so.

Anyway I explained to a lot of people how to tie this fly over the weekend and Eumer actually sold all of the Mirror Image and packets of raccoon zonkers they had available on their racks. A big shout goes out to all those that mentioned PikeFFArticles and It was great to meet up with some familier faces from the Helsinki show again.


David Edwards said...

Sounds like you had a great time... hopefully this bodes well for your business. All the best. David

Danny said...

Great job.. I bet Eumer is happy!