Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Fly swaps!

This is what I call a beast of a tandem rig fly. 12" inches of unadulterated madness. The trailing hook is a combination of grey raccoon, chartreuse bucktail, speckled white xmas tinsel and peacock herl and white rabbit zonker. The front hook is much the same except I used longer bucktail,tinsel and Peacock herl.

This is one of the flies destined for a fly swap with Pat Cohen aka (Smalliestalker) the absolute guru with regards to all things deerhair. Sure there are some great exponants of the material knocking around, but I truly believe Pat to be if not one of the best deerhair fly tiers on the planet today and I just cant wait to get my grubby little mits on the set of divers he tied up for me a few weeks back. Two more flies to go brotha and they'll be in the post in a couple of days!


Pat Cohen said...

awesome my man...can't wait...yours were sent out a last week...you should be getting them any day now...