Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

Arrived back from Stockholm yesterday tired, worn out and sporting a nasty stomach bug but more on the show later in the week. This is another Replot stinger mack (II) tied in turquoise and white this time, and was snapped up at the show rather quickly.

White and turqoise sclappen were tied on splayed outwards along both the trailing hook and main body hook. Then some cheap ass dark blue Xmas tinsel was added followed by some white then turqoise raccoon fur dubbing loop brushed around the hook shaft to the front near the hook eye.

Total length 26cm - 10" inches and super light. Rather small in comparison to some of the beasts I tied at the show around 34cm - 14" inches which unfortunately I didn't manage to take images of except for one as they got snapped up as soon as they fell off the vise.

What has struck me over the last 4 weeks is that so many pike and musky fly fisherman from around the globe have this pre concieved idea that the bigger the fly they use,the bigger the fish it will attract. Yet so many big fish are caught on extremely small flies.Only this weekend I heard a great story from Johan Klingberg on Saturday evening where he was fishing one of his favourite small streams for trout and caught a 126cm pike with a nymph with a 5wt rod.....Go figure!


Dustin's Fly Box said...

what is the main hook? Model and size?

All about the grab said...

The main hook is a Tiemco 600sp 3/0
the tail hook is a tiemco 811s 3/0

James O Durbin II said...

That blue is friggin AWESOME!

All about the grab said...

Its wicked....might have to tie a couple more of these.

Dustin's Fly Box said...

Thanks for the hook sizes!