Monday, 28 March 2011

Text book error!

Top tip.....Never comb out your fly while it is wet! You should never run a fine comb or brush through your wet hair and the same principle applies to the synthetics on your fly. Instead take your used flies home.Run under the tap to get any muck that has matted itself in between the materials away. Then squeeze excess water out and lay on to an old tea towl to dry. Once dry start from the back of the flys tail slowly working your way back down towards the hooks eye. Combing through a wet and matted fly will purely rip chunks off from the hook.


Jota said...

Yeah, I totally agree.
And also, combing flies while fishing, takes lots of time!
Best regards Simon!

Troutdawg said...

Yep agree as well! Thanks for another good video and can't wait to hear more fishing reports!

My Ghillie said...

I find that even the fibers of a modest three to four inch fly tend to get matted and tangled around the hook. The good news is that most ocean fish could care less. The bad news is I accord them far more intellegence than they have.

Cut it off and tie on a another one!