Thursday, 24 March 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

This one is around 10" inches long and tied with yellow and orange schlappen,hot orange grizzly microbarb saddled, fluoro yellow fine flash hair & fluoro peach tinsel flash hair and long clumps of the same coloured bucktail.


My Ghillie said...


That fly has got grey sea trout written all over it.

You Pikesters throw some awfly large flies.

I think I have a couple of 10" Bunker Flies that I have tied using the Mushmouth method. They work pretty good for stripers and probally for what you guys like catching...pike!


All about the grab said...

They are huge John.The last 20 or so have been tied primarily for musky in the states but I would still use them for pike here. Thanks for the link as well.