Saturday, 5 March 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

I went with a fishskull instead of dumbbell eyes for this fly just to give the client something different. Yet another tandem rigged fly around 170mm (7" inches).

The trailing tail is a combination of chartreuse grizzly schlappen,white saddles,tan bucktail,mixed fine gold/silver tinsel. The main bodyafter tying on a couple of sprigs of tan bucktail I added 4 grizzly chartreuse schlappens,some more tinsel then another sprig of buckyail then added several short pure white microbarb saddles.

The collar is spun tan deerhair which I added at different lengths which is visible once I slid the fishskull down the hook shaft. Think this fly is going to open up a big can of whip ass on a few lakes in the Netherlands this Spring. Click images for larger view.


Jeff said...

Very unique look there. Should be interesting to see the action and how it fishes.

Anonymous said...

Simply fantastic fly!!!

José Barbosa

dk said...

Wow. The head on that thing is wild with the fish skull and trimmed hair!

My Ghillie said...

Got to love those Fishskulls. Looks like it will do the trick for your client.

Tight lines,