Sunday, 6 March 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

It looks heavy but actually it is bloody light. The Ostrich and peacock herl feathers combined with the schlappen tied over a couple of clumps of bucktail have give this fly a lot of volume for practically bugger all weight.

The only real noticable weight to this fly is the fishskull head I added.

All the main feathers have been tied on splayed outwards on both the main hook and the tandem rig. There's some gold fine tinsel as well as some Orange FFF Flash in between everything and the trailing rig also has a couple of black barred orange rabbit zonkers tied on for extra movement in the back of the fly.

Total length 12" inches long. Click images for larger view.


Jeff said...

I like the use of ostrich...will have to give it a try.

the lonsome piker said...

Hi Simon, I’ve been following these last couple of Musky flies you’ve tied, and they really look great! I would like to try them out myself (a little smaller, for pike), but I’m concerned with the balance. I noticed that the last ones, with the fish sculls, most of the weight of the sculls, is on the bottom side of the hook shank, so those will most certainly stay straight while retrieving, but I wonder if the other ones will. I haven’t tried tying any myself, so it’s just by looking at them (so forgive me if this sounds stupid). Is the weight of the hook enough to keep it in balance? Or do you use a heavier hook? Or is the method of tying you use enough?

Anonymous said...

Man I got to get some tying lessons from you. Remember that purple fly that you gave me? This one day I just wondered that how it is tied and everything was so nicely packed. Awesome flies!


the lonsome piker said...

Thanks for your detailed mail concerning my question. I really appreciate it a lot!