Friday, 4 March 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

This one is an all black/white affair with several strands of holographic xmas tinsel thrown into the mix.

I used white n black schlappen feathers splayed outwards with this fly instead of the usual saddle patches these flies have been getting. I keep a box full of mixed old loose feathers under the desk and was able to add several grizzly microbarb saddles without ripping new ones off an existing pelt.

Total length of this tandem is 180mm (7" inches). I placed the dumbbell eyes in between the black and white packed deerhair head instead of at the front like the pink one. Thes flies look bulky but they truly aren't, infact they are super light. Okay with a bit of water on them they will become heavier but thats the price I'm prepared to pay for to have something that will give optimum vibration and movement ontop & under the water. Tied correctly and you can add minimal materials to aquire optimum volume for very little weight.


Jeff said...

You have the madness