Friday, 25 March 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

I'm not sure how much more I can take of this winter. I'm actually getting quite sick of just showing you flies I'm tying. Dont get me wrong, I love sitting in front of my vise creating flies for myself and for others........but I miss the feel of cork in my hand, the feel of line between my fingers, the sight of my line as it lands on the surface of the water,but above all I miss the feel of a fish struggling to free itself from that fly line. Sure flies are an intregal part of the process but being outside, chucking large wads of fluff is what keeps my soul on an even keel and its just at about breaking point......I know what your thinking,snap out of it Si! but 5 months through a long cold dark winter is a real test for anyone who loves to fly fish as much as I do.So you'll just have to bare with me for a few more weeks and put up with a barrage of flies until then.


My Ghillie said...

Oh my need to come to the states...Floridia to be exact. That's where the fish seem to go in the winter. Here where I live, in NC, it is usually not bad for winter fishing, 12 hour days of sun and 50 degree average highs, trout, drum and stripers. This past year, global warming got us and it was cold and fishing took a major hit. I'm just a month away from wet wading and sticking some fish.
Take a long nap and it'll be over soon.


Unknown said...

Oh yes,belive me,I now how you feel But after 4,max 6 weeks there should be at least some places without ice cover.