Saturday, 19 March 2011

Fly Candy

I tied up one of these Tigerbombs last year and was amazed how well the arctic fox head made this fly track and dart through the water. I used a number of black schlappen and chinese cock saddles with several hot orange microbarb saddles for maximum movement then added a couple of sprigs of bucktail tied on facing backwards so as to cover the hook area. With the head though I added a rather thick clump of arctic fox ontop of the hook shaft facing forwards then folded back over itself and tied off. This gave the fly a wicked side to side movement similar to that of many jerk lures and I could fish it with short sharp strips.

This has been completely tied with party wig hair. To alleviate the tail wrapping itself around the hook I have since Bugbonded a section of tail around an inch and a half from the bend of the hook which has given the fly some solid rigidity.

This is what I would call a hybrid wolf bunny tube. I used Arctic fox zonker instead of raccoon this time for the tail and palmered white marabou hairline between each racoon dubbing brush loop of grey and black raccoon. A heavy fly when completely wet but has maximum movement under the water.


Костя said...
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Jota said...

Great flies! You rock!!!

Raymond - Noordermeer. (The-fly-tying_dutchman) said...

Didn't visit for a while, really astonishing and truly inspiring what drops from your vice.

Si.. you are a living legend! (-;

Kind regards,