Monday, 28 February 2011

Fly Candy

To be honest I've just about had enough of winter here and cant wait for spring now. Unfortunately that wont be for another month, so I'm left dreaming about the good old days until then. Anyway I tied up some sand eel fry yesterday for my ever dwindling sea bass box. I had 20 or so of each of these flies last year but have given so many of them away to mates I needed to replenish stocks. These also come with a single sprig of long bucktail just to add a slight bit of bulk to the fly.I generally try to have the microbarb saddles protrude out around 2 inches past the bucktail which allows them to really wiggle when you retrieve the fly back.


Stilen said...

very nice collections.

pietro said...

Same here in Helsinki/Espoo, Simon..there´s still so much ice on the Baltic and the temperatures do not look that promising yet..! A month (hope not 2) to go...time flies at least!
Cheer up!
ps: did you got that msg in FB from me? Let me know if you need me to send it to you again!