Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fly Candy

I call these Marabou hairline popper bombers purely because they are entirely tied with marabou. Very simple construction. Marry two blue & white marabou feathers together and tie on at the back of the hook near the bend.

Then palmer on 3 black marabou down the length of the shaft to where the popper head will butt up against. Take two bottling corks and dremmel out a concave groove in them.Spray paint black. I never bother with them but I stuck a couple of these cheap ass rattling eyes on for the photo.

This is a pink version of the same fly with a slightly larger cork head. To be truthful I never fish for pike with poppers tied onto hooks these days as all my poppers are tied onto tubes. Weight is drastically cut down from not tying all your materials onto a long shanked hook and secondly I can get away with using a much smaller hook with an extremely short shank further away from the popper head depending on how far down the tube I place the popper head....See here for my reasonings!