Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fly Candy

After the last week I've just had I sure could do with a spot of fishing. Some time on the water would do me the world of good. Unfortunately I'm left with 45cm of snow still to plough from around the house. Anyway its nice to be able to post again. These soft belly baitfish were very productive for me last season, especially during the autumn.

I like to use these with an Intermediate and am going to be tying up a set with some fishskulls to be used with a floating line. Out of all the synthetics I've come across Mirror image is my favourite to fish with as the strands are fine which give off a surprisingly wavy action under the surface and retain very little water once the first false cast has been made. This Natural belly with the olive marabou give it a nice bream look.


Jota said...

Nice to have you back!!
Good flies, very well tied!
Best regards!