Friday, 18 February 2011

Fly Candy

There are some great exponents of foam out there that utilise the material very well. Far better than I ever will. Most flies tied with foam are generally used for surface lures which is understandable. These gurglebugs which can be fished with a floating line are far better when fished with an intermediate line. A floating fly that can be dragged under the surface and fished a meter or even 2 meters has a very attractive action that any respecting predator cant resist.

I've been looking at ways of adding foam throughout a hook in ways that won't hinder me when tying on the other materials so as to be ablle to give me a fly that is light enough to cast and will be drawn under by an intermediate line, and I constantly keep on coming back to this design.

I do have some new and interesting templates which I've settled on and will try them out this coming season.....Until then I'll just keep on plugging away with these.


the lonsome piker said...

They look very attractive, Simon.
I recognize racoon on the second, but the first, is that marabou you use?
It’s something I want to try myself. I’ve made gurglers before, but never for pike.

All about the grab said...

Yes its Marabou and a mixture of different green kristal FFF Flash for the tails.

Anonymous said...

Hello im reading your blogg and you tie nice flies but i have a guestion were can i buy foam and ayes?

All about the grab said...

I get my foam from my local craft shop and eyes I get from this chap