Thursday, 10 February 2011

Fly Candy - Musky madness

This is the last of the four that I tied up. Primerily in Black & Tan colouration with 4 Chartreuse grizzly varient schlappens thrown in as well.

Over the last 6 years I've been privy to read some very interesting articles written about pikes hunting habits and their senses and the use of heavily widened front ended flies. Three or four of them have been written by a good friend of mine living in Helsinki at the mo Vincenzo Penteriani who has several articles on the matter in Magazines like (Fly Line- Italy), (Peche mouche- France), (Danica -Spain) to name but a few. He's been doing a study on the effectiveness of popper and deer hair type flies being fished below the surfacere primarily to see how effective these kind of flies are in attracting pike and his findings have been very interesting indeed. I can understand that some of you would find chucking flies of this size a bit daunting and question the weight issue especially with regards to the tightly packed deer hair heads retaining a lot more water,but that is actually the whole idea with these kind of flies. These flies can still be cast 15m but its the noise they make on the surface when they land and the amount of water they displace during the 1st couple of strips and the stream of airbubbles they leave behind before it get pulled under the water that these flies are designed for. Even when under the water they are meant to give off the ultimate amount of movement and vibration to hopefully imitate an injured or dying fish.

This is why I tie & fish with so many types of flies as I'm constantly looking to improve my chances. Off course I wouldn't fish with these kind of flies through out the season but I have found that having a different selection to suite the season or day greatly improves my chances than just fishing with the same old pattern day in & day out. To me its about constantly trying new things which will in turn broaden my appeal towards the sport even more.....A sport which I'm so addicted to.Again my way is definitely the right way but works for me and I'm happy with the variety of flies I fish with.


Steve Y said...

Awesome fly Simon! It screams fishyness and vulnerability.