Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Scrapyard flies

Last years Durex condom pike streamer although primarily tied for a bit of a laugh, actually has turned out to be a top fly to catch snotrockets with. It’s featured and been talked about in many forums around the globe over the last 8 months…and still does, So this year I’m taking PikeFFArticles back out onto the water with some flies directly from the scrap yard to see how far I can stretch the boundaries with regards to materials and pike fly design and whether I can catch pike with them as well.

Last year while out fishing I collected two large compressed shopping bags full of discarded mono & braided lines left by fishermen along the shoreline I fished…. Wankers! Anyway a few months back I watched a chap take a clump of old knotted mono and run a line though it and attached a treble hook and chucked it out with his spinning rod and pulled in a nice perch of around a kilo. Which got me thinking with all the waist mono I have lying around….How hard could it be to rustle up a fly with a large clump of it?

Yes…I know….. It looks shit! But that’s the whole point. As you can see I’ve spared no expense, its simple, nasty and above all, probably the most ultimate tight arse fly I will ever tie. Bollocks to esthetics I say, this is engineering at its best. Even the hook I raped off an old disused bit of fluff. I’ve gone with the sparse look, keeping materials to a minimum. First I added a large clump of fluoro green/yellow mono (probably 8 lb braking strain) and slapped a clump of old braid above it for a lateral line then stuck a couple of eyes on for good measure….total length 120 mm of pure Baltic pike fly candy.


Schollmeier said...

I've been thinking about doing something like this with the bags of old line I have laying around - I'm glad someone else had the same idea

Jonathon A. Waske - Fly Fishing Artist said...

I keep a small tupperware container full of scraps, odd packing materials, bags, tinsel from XMAS and even wrapping paper for flies like this. The material makes great flies.

David Edwards said...

I love your ability to continually think outside the box... great inspiration and really gets me thinking!