Friday, 1 January 2010

Friday pin up after 12 beers!

I've been very surprised by the amount of people asking where has the "Friday pin up after 12 beers" disappeared too? If many of you are not familier with the slot then click the link above to visit past corkers that have graced the pages of PikeFFArticles for you to get an idea. Anyway seeings its a new year and all.....HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL BY THE WAY! ....I thought why not kick it off With "Pamela" here, who was spotted last night prowling the streets of Vaasa without a care in the world. With 2 broken arms and legs in plaster (from a fall she sustained off some scaffolding a couple of weeks back), she's managed to rustle up a very clever, and to be honest sexy little outfit for herself. I particularly like the whats she's done with her pelvis cast, shaping it into a very neat pair of panties. Unfortunately though, weeks of painkiller dependency has not only turned here hair pink but has hardened her nails somewhat to a point they have now broken through the plaster casts she has on.

Moldy chum eat yer hearts out sunshine!


WM said...

You know, I don't mean to be mean or nothing but when I looked at that picture my first thought was that if you turned the picture sideways you'd have a good basic form and color scheme for a great pike fly?

Simon, I'm thinking this is some sort of subliminal thing? Even your pin-ups are starting to look like fly candy!