Thursday, 28 January 2010

Fly Candy

I like to combine feathers with fur,I think the two materials work work well together under the water. These are super light flies with minimal materials, Yet have maximum volume qualities.

I stated off taking 8 small brown microbarbs and tying them on to the back of the hook flayed out.Then 5 Longer ones over those tied down the length of the hook shaft. I then dubbing looped a small piece of brown raccoon zonker strip.

I then tied on Some clumps of bucktail in Fluoro blue and then black Hollow fleye along the top of the hook shank. Then a clump of black along its flanks on either side. Then a clump of White bucktail then finished of the fly with 5 more brown microbarb feathers.Whip finished,stuck a couple of eyes on and bug-bonded the head.

This one I used White microbarb saddle hackles,Olive raccoon fur dubbing looped to the back.Then ran clumps of White and Fluoro green bucktail along the hook shaft, followed by a single glump of black bucktail. Some more white microbarb saddles.......well you know the rest.
Click images for a larger view.