Thursday, 7 January 2010

Fly Candy

"The Pink Pussy" is another double or jointed fly I tie. The trailing tail section is a combination of Pink Chinese neck hackle feathers with black schlappens as well as several grizzly micro barb hackles all encased in some pink long haired bucktail.

The main body is much the same except the grizzly microbarbs are double the tail length as well as the the pink Chinese neck hackles and I dubbing looped black raccoon fur at the front for a head, then whip finished it off. Stuck a couple of eyes on and then bugbonded the head.

Click images for larger view!


Hassan said...

very nice blogg,i love fishing.

All about the grab said...

Thanks for big up : )

Thomas said...

Wow what a nice fly!!
Happy new year Simon

ChuckingFluff said...

That looks fantastic; What's the overall length?