Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Fly Candy

Zonker streamers caught me plenty of fish last season. I start by tying on a 80mm length of Raccoon zonker strip onto the back of the hook then add wig hair material (Orange) mixed in with either gold or silver FFF Flash and some green krinkle flash. I then dubbing loop black rabbit fur in the front just behind the hook eye.

This one was tied with Orange wig hair material & silver FFF Flash & Orange krinkle flash

With these all black zonker streamers I've mixed gold,silver and holographic Xmas tinsel with the black wig hair material.

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NYPike said...

greta flies, are you tying the zonker strip in at the eye or back at the bend?

All about the grab said...

Half way down the the hook shaft with several wraps around the zonker to elevate it just to help unwanted hook wrap ups. If I'm feeling adventurous I sometimes have bucktail wrapped around the hook directly after the zonker tie in point just to hold it out a little more.