Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday pin up after 12 beers!

Today's Fri pin up is Dot. She was spotted coming out of the recent Avatar premier in Prague where she headed straight for her favourite kebab shops for a light after flick snack.Sporting the new under shoulder boulder holder corset,one can see that this is a wolf in sheep's clothing, personified. Don't be fooled....these aren't my real tits she's scoffed....literally, as chunks of meat and pitta bread flew around the room. After washing it down with a liter of Yogi sip she stumbled out onto the pavement,gave out one almighty burp and three buttons flew of her corset like bullets....knocking an innocent bystander walking by over to the ground.


Unknown said...

Damn son! That's a big pile-o-pushin' cushion.