Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fly Candy

Another Double or jointed fly as I like to call them. I started of with the trailing hook by tying on 5 Olive Chinese neck Hackles. Over those I then added a some green/brown & blue fine tinsel and then 10 long Ostrich hurl feathers. Whip finished and added a dab of head cement. Then attached it to the main hook by way of some old trace wire.

The main body is a combination of longer Olive Chinese neck hackles mixed with some brown microbarb saddles and long Olive ostrich hurl feathers as well as some more mixed thin tinsels.Then I added a pencil thick clump of Brown bucktail around the hook shaft. To finish off the fly I then Dubbing looped some brown Raccoon fur on.whip finished then stuck a couple of small 3D eyes on and bug-bonded it.