Saturday, 9 January 2010

Fly Candy

I'm looking forward to fishing with these Bluedun baitfish patters this coming season,having never used them before its going to be interesting to see how they perform.

I started first by tying on a small clump of Turquoise then red bucktail and then a small sprig of white. Laid a generous helping of pearl tinsel flash around the top half of the hook.

I then added thin strips of Sea blue frizz fiber over that. Tied on 4 microbarb grizzly hackles. Then added a large clump of white bucktail to the underneath of the hook so as to fill the flanks in a little more. Glued a couple of 12 mm rattle eyes on and finished of by bug-bonding the head.


Jose said...

Very nice Simon!This fly has DNA-Pike!Greetings