Friday, 22 January 2010

New kid on the block

For those interested,there's a new blog just started by Richard Johnson called "Custom pike & Saltwater flies". I've noticed that many pike blogs have all started to look much the same and get filled with pretty much the same content, so lets hope this one brings something different to the table in the way of written content, looks, articles etc etc. I must say though it has the makings of a great read and am looking forward to bouncing ideas of Rich with regards to his saltwater flies in the coming months.I wish you all the best with this Rich and welcome to the blogging world....Its a mad house!

Click the link or the image to visit his blog


Rich said...

Cheers bud....:o)
Thankyou for the kind welcome.

I sincerely hope I can bring something new to the blogging world and I look forward to trying some of your excellent patterns in the near future.

Take care...>Rich