Friday, 8 January 2010

Bugbond gallery

Here is a perfect example given between using 5 min epoxy and Bugbond. The 1st image is of a perch fly with 5 min epoxy used to coat the head.One can clearly see the whiting effect given off by the hundreds of tiny air bubbles that formed while mixing

While this one has been given the Bugbond treatment and one can clearly see...literally that the head is crystal clear. This head took less than 3 seconds to set,hard with no tack what so ever.


Anonymous said...

you can get the bubbles out of epoxy by heating it over a candle in a spoon before you put it on, then it dries clear. It's also a lot easier to apply.

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Top tip.....I just don't have the patience for stuff like that though + if anyone saw me through the window they'd think I was getting some smack ready for the syringe.