Thursday, 31 December 2009

Vibram five fingers

Looking for some alternative footwear for the new year, then maybe you should get yourself a pair of these Vibram five fingers. Ok granted they might be comfortable, but why would anyone want to put themselves through all the unnecessary ridicule which would surely fly your way if spotted with a pair of these on. Not only that but you'd look a right knob walking down the high street or on a mountain trail. Anyway click the link to visit their site.


justin said...

Far from being ridiculed (though you often will get that from a spouse or a close friend -- until they end up drinking the kool-aid and buying their own pair that is!), most people are intrigued by VFFs.

I highly recommend checking them out - they are a paradigm-shifting bit of footwear.

As a sidenote, you might consider turning off the "link preview" script you've got running. It made it really hard to actually read what you wrote b/c every image or link I accidentally hovered over (particularly the images) brought up that caption box and covered up your writing! Just a bit of user-based feedback!

WM said...

Good find Simon, weird kinda but they have potential. If these things had a soul that stuck you to the stream bottom that would be really cool.

You'd only get about three months wear on them a year in these parts, the rest of the year you'd have to add some Yak hair or something for insulation.

Clif said...

What if someone has abnormally long toes?

Asking for a friend, of course.

All about the grab said...

Justin I Have the snapshots link window so people can can run it over the many links I have on this blog to show homepages n stuff. If you keep your mouse arrow to the far right black column you shouldn't have a problem. Know what you mean though.Thanks for the advise I will definitely take it into consideration mate.

With regards to the Vff I have actually worn a pair while in South Africa last year....yes they were comfortable but found when a large rock rolled down onto my foot they did'nt give much protection.