Saturday, 12 December 2009

Tube Coonbunny's

More tube coonbunny's. I like to use a lot of flash for the tails with these type of flies. This cuts down drastically on the weight, although if you dubbin loop the fur like I have done with these,then the weight is cut by half anyway.All in all you get an extremely light fly which pulses through the water

A mix of Golds/silver and brown flash tinsel makes up the tail combined with brown coon fur,& a burnt orange marabou feather palmered on to finish the bunny off.

This one has a mixed blue/brown flash tail combined with turquoise coon fur & then a light blue marabou feather palmered on in front of that and then finished of with some turquoise blue bucktail at the front.

Gold n silver flash tinsel tail combined with Olive and coon fur and black arctic fox as well.

Click images for larger view!