Thursday, 17 December 2009


I only ever have one criteria when it comes to cotton and that is its got to be strong. I like my wraps to be tighter than a camels arse during a sand storm. I’ve also never felt the need to have a multitude of different colours of cotton at my disposal either. All my flies are generally tied with either black/white or clear thread with the occasional use of olive if I’m feeling adventurous. If I had to choose one thread above all the rest it would have to be Uni Kevlar W3/0. Having used it for the last couple of years now I feel confident once the fly has been whip finished and covered with head cement it will hold the materials in place….no worries. My one gripe I have is that they seem to be just a bit tight with the amount they place on their bobbins. I know I’m a tight arse, but sometimes I think these manufacturers take the proverbial piss,& I’m sure I’m not the only one that shares this view. If they gave a couple of extra meters on each bobbin it would cut down on the amount of plastics I end up contributing to some land fill area. Bio degradable bobbins would be the way forward if you want my opinion. For any company reading this then I’d be glad to receive a monthly royalties check in the post for each bobbin you sell. No seriously guys…stop being so bloody stingy with the thread.