Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Striper sand eels

Some more Saltwater cross over flies. Primarily for Striper Bass, these sand ells at 100 mm long could be used for any number of other salt & freshwater species.

Replot sand eel tied with white microbarb saddle hackles.A splash of pearl FFF crinkle flash and a couple of grizzly microbarb saddles for latteral lines.The head is Hot Orange crystal flash chenille

Replot sand eel Juvenile Tied with Brown and grizzly microbarb saddles.Some gold FFF crystal flash and the head is Black UV polar chenille with gold holographic eyes epoxied on with 5 min epoxy

Replot sand eel variation tied with white and brown microbarb saddles & the head is Olive UV polar chenille with gold epoxied holographic eyes.

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