Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Fly Candy

The Wired rooster pike streamer did catch me a couple of snotrockets this past season. I've added bugbond to the head....well over and around the eyes just to give it a bit more weight at the front.

This a a copy of a saltwater pattern...don't know the name given to it but I was sent some from James a while back which have been a surprisingly good Perch fly,so I decided to tie up a couple more. Red arctic fox for gills,yellow/white bucktail,then some purple UV krinkle flash followed by some silver krinkle flash and finished off with a couple of peacock hurl feathers. Bugbonded the eyes as well.


msh group said...


Jonathon A. Waske - Fly Fishing Artist said...

I like the pattern. I really like how you tied each item in and then spearated them by using the thread. Very cool.