Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Replot Sand eels

Feathers feature heavily on my flies. They're not everyone's cup of tea but I just find they impart a fantastic action once submerged under water especially if you combine them with a smattering of tinsel. Although they are supposed to be sand eel imitations for the Sea bass (Striper) market, I' sure they would be good for a multitude of other salt & fresh water species as well.

These are some Juvenile sand ells 90 mm long. For the tail and main body I Combined small helpings of white slinky fiber with small sprigs of white bucktail with a few strands of Silver FFF krinkle flash,blue frizz fiber,Purple UV krinkle flash and a couple of peacock hurl feathers for lateral lines.

With the heads I wrapped Holographic Xmas Tinsel around the hook shaft up to the hook eye. Super glued a couple of 3D eyes on and then Bugbonded over them. This has not only given the fly a slight bit of weight ....which I was looking for, but has brought out the holographic tinsel along the hook shaft nicely.