Monday, 7 December 2009

The Pike Saber

Here's something I came across the other day you lot might be interested. Its called the pike saber from Piketrek

They go on to say quote"

PIKESABER - 10 Weight 9'00" 4 Piece Specialist PIKE Fly Rod

The PIKESABER is the Pike Fly Rod that all others will be judged by. It has been specifically designed for the rigours of Pike Fly Fishing. It is made from the finest materials. From the bespoke and unique fighting butt, to the un-ground blank finish, everything has been thought of, and though about.

This rod has been designed by anglers for anglers, and this is evident in the look, the feel and the handling.

This pike fly rod is a delight to use. It is both light and strong and throws large pike flies with ease. The unground blank finish adds strength and the spiral wrap cuts down on friction on the line. It allows the line to slip through the rings without ‘sticking' to the rod. This is something we have yet to see in any of our competitors.

The unique aluminium fighting butt allows the pike fly fisherman to exert pressure on the fish, whilst keeping full control of the rod. This is something that pike fly rods have been criticised for in the past. A pike when played for too long can take a while to recover. With the PIKESABER the pike fly angler can control the pike without needlessly tiring it.

The extra stiffness of the unground blank allows the pike angler to punch out heavy pike flies with little effort. The turnover is superb, it forms tight loops on the cast and the rod feels very light at only 140 grams.

More on this in a couple of days


Anonymous said...

Pretty bad ass lookin' rod!

All about the grab said...

Am not sure the Butt is necessary,to gimmicky for my liking.