Monday, 21 December 2009

Bill fish fly candy

A couple of weeks a go I was asked to tie up some bill fish flies for a chap heading down to Baja. His only criteria, was they needed to be light enough to cast yet have plenty of volume and that they should have trailing hooks. Not sure what to call this really....Maybe those that choose not to follow this site anymore ....but still visit daily might have an idea. I started with the trailing hook, 1st tying on 4 or 5 grizzly micro barbs over some holographic tinsel. Then palmered on two marabou white feathers,whip finished and treated with head cement. Then attached it to the main hook,The body is a mix of black bucktail and black tinsel flash....and well the head is just a straight forward bucktail diver head, which was a bit tricky to trim due to the grizzly micro barbs I'd tied in at the neck area. Total length 150 mm all tied on to a 6/0 Gamakatsu SL12 big game saltwater hook.

My kinda multi species fly....which I'm sure it would be also great for snotrockets,and especially Musky.

Click Image for a larger view!


pikepicker said...

get your digs in aint a jointed bucktail so call what ever you want...

All about the grab said...

Oxford dictionary definition:
A point of articulation between two or more parts, especially such a connection that allows motion or movement.

Joining a trailing hook to another by way of wire surely is a joint....isn't it.