Monday, 14 December 2009


My one pet hate when it comes to epoxy’s is that there’s a lot of hassle involved, not only with the mixing but also the application as well as the drying process. Its not that I don’t have the patience, just find the whole rigmarole messy and long winded. A few months back I was sent a test kit for a new product called “Bug-Bond” by David Edwards which has changed & completely revolutionized the way I finish the front of my flies without all of the hassle that 5 or 10 min epoxies have.

Probably the main pitfall with using many epoxies is that they turn yellow after sometime, especially once exposed to sunlight and it’s hard to eradicate air bubbles that occur during mixing. The difference with “Bug-Bond” is that it’s resistant to yellowing when exposed to sunlight and also has a degree of flexibility when cured while leaving no visible bubbles & lastly has been designed to be optically perfect and when cured correctly to have a tack free surface.

What I particularly like about this fantastic product is it is extremely easy to not only apply, but with the use of the special UV lamp that comes with the kit, I’m able to cure the resin within seconds, thus cutting down not only on the time but the hassle that normal 5 min epoxies have given me in the past. The specific weight is very near to or the same as some brands of epoxy resin that were weighed in the laboratory. Bug-Bond is more fluid than epoxy resin and will soak into fibers and when cured to form a stable composite.

Sure there’s been a couple of alternative products available on the market now for a few years coming from the States’ but I’ve found that delivery of these products from distributors has been long winded so to have a product available to me here in Europe is a god sent. In short Bug-Bond is easy to apply, easy to cure and with care – no waste! There have been a few innovations & products that I have embraced over the last 5 yrs and “Bug-Bond” is one of those. If you are into fly-tying as much as I am I whole heartedly advise getting yourselves a kit.

Bug-Bond comes in a 20 ml bottle with a standard nozzle that you can cut the tip off to apply but probably the best solution is to use the optional Pro-Tip kit

which has interchangeable nozzles allowing a controlled application of the material – a little goes a long way.

I should mention that the UV light is not a toy and should be kept out of the reach of children… UV safety glasses are also recommended. Lastly I would like to also say that I received no money from Bugbond for this review in any shape or form in fact I have just bought myself a new complete kit from them through paypal.

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