Saturday, 19 December 2009

Cross over surf candy

Multi species fly design or cross over flies in some circles, is something I'm very interested in. With the high cost of materials & hooks these days I'm finding myself more and more tying flies that can be fished in Saltwater as well as fresh. I call these the Bend back surf skimmer,for obvious reasons. They are fantastic small fry baitfish for surface or bottom use. With a few slight modifications they were the 1st fly I ever tied in South Africa and bagged me several species from Elf (Shad or Tailor in Aus),Garrick,Kingfish/Trevaley, Flatheads, Stumpnose, Bass, Perch & even Tigerfish. I wrap holographic tinsel round the hook shaft then add some bucktail, then some FFF krinkle flash, then a couple of Ostrich hurl feathers for lateral lines as well as a grizzly variant saddle hackle (new addition) and a small blob of bugbond inside the eyes.

This one has Silver FFF krinkle flash

This one has yellow bucktail and some Flouro yellow FFF krinkle flash

Another natural baitfish pattern but with pink FFF krinkle flash

This one has Turquoise bucktail and arctic blue FFF krinkle flash tied on


O_live said...

what the reference and size of the hook ?

What the total lenght of the fly ?

thanks for the answers