Saturday, 26 December 2009

Raccoon bunny fly candy

These have been great tube fly to fish with this last season. The Red/White ones have been by fay my most productive colour combo.The second from the bottom has a red arctic fox head dubbing looped with some Red krinkle flash tied in along its flanks. The top Brown/Yellow has a decent amount of Gold/Brown tinsel flash tied in above the yellow raccoon zonker strip as well as a generous helping of Fosfori hair for glow in the dark attractant. The bottom one here has an Orange arctic fox head dubbing looped with plenty of Gold/Brown & Black tinsel flash tied over the Brown Raccoon zonker strip. I like to use use coneheads on most of my tube flies purely because they add a little weight to the front of the fly which in turn gives it a nice undulating movement under the water.