Sunday, 2 November 2008

In search of the "BIG" one

What is it about Pike anglers, “pike fly-fishermen included” these days that they have this burning desire inside them to need, to want, to catch bigger fish every time they go out. Is it a personal quest to boost their ego’s or is there something more to it I am missing. I often wonder whether their whole ethos behind spending a weekend fishing is just to have their photo taken with a personal best only for them to have it published for all the fishing fraternity to ogle over with envy & glee. I personally don’t think it makes them any more a better fisherman than the next bloke.

I’m also often left wondering how many of them have gone out for a session and truly enjoyed just being out in the countryside, one with nature, catch nothing and go home without being deflated or miserable & sporting a bruised ego.

In their defense though I have to say that well edited fishing programs of our favorite fishing celebrities catching lunkers regularly, has gone a long way in fuelling our cravings and needs in some small way. Now I’m certainly not having a go at them because to be honest without there insight and years of knowledge which they are so generous in sharing with us, would the world of pike fishing be where it is at today.

To be truthful though, I have to admit that at the start of a days pike fly-fishing I am also filled with a small sense of anticipation that hopefully it will in some way bring a decent fish but that quickly subsides as I become totally immersed in my wilderness surroundings and that for me becomes more important and enjoyable than any pursuit of trying to catch a big one.

For me, fly-fishing here in Finland is not about the pursuit of trophy Pike but more about my surroundings and what I take home from that days fishing. I have dreamt of being able to live this lifestyle for many years, and now that I have it, I feel privileged and sometimes quite overwhelmed with how truly lucky I am.

Every pike in my eyes is a "Trophy" pike


dry flies and deadbaits said...

I had a very enjoyable day with some friends yesterday, catching a few jack pike in the 3-5lb region, of course its cool to see a big fish but like i've said before, any brush you have with these beasts is one to remember.

Im always amazed at the savage attacks these smaller fish give you, compared to the surprisingly gentle take that you get with a larger pike.

The markings on that fish are incredible!

Also, im jealous that you can still fish in shorts, every morning for a week there has been a decent frost here!

All about the grab said...

Scott I wish mate,
This pic was taken in September.its getting nippy here now in fact we are starting to get sporadic snow falls every now and then.Not long before the lakes freeze over.Maybe December...lets see!

dry flies and deadbaits said...

At least you get snow! I have to head to the mountains if i want any decent snow now, the last few years have seen pathetic dribbles of the stuff over the lower areas.

A few times last winter my trips were abandoned as the lochs / canal were frozen over. Its an awesome sight but kind of frustrating when you are limited to one days fishing a week in the winter and it gets spoiled by ice!