Thursday, 27 November 2008

Different strokes for different blokes! part (II)

Now don’t think for one minute that all I do is fly-fish for pike because you’d be very mistaken. I do target Trout, Grayling and Salmon or any species for that matter, if the opportunity arises (not as often as I would like, I might add) and my 6 foot 2/pc Loomis bait-casting rig never stays at home either, but there is something about catching pike - especially on the fly – that keeps me coming back over and over again!

The one sure thing about ‘Esox’ is that it can be found in all types of waters from Canals, Rivers, Lakes, Poulders, Gravel pits, Trout hatcheries and even In the brackish waters of the Baltic sea. This meant that I had a fish that I could target regularly and practically anywhere, and there aren’t that many species that can boast that accolade…is there!

There has been so much literature written about the regal Trout over the centuries that its not hard to understand why so many people love fly-fishing for it. Coupled with that, it’s found in some of the most picturesque settings one could want to fish at, so its understandable that fish like Esox has been given such a bum rap and often shunned as a species by all and sundry or should I say

(both hands wagging fingers to show exclamation marks) - “Purists”.

Now that’s the kind of fish that gets my attention!

I think that to deceive any fish with your fly – (well lets just say, any fish that will take a fly) to be precise, Should be targeted, and if there is one fish out there that will readily accept a well presented double streamer, then it’s the “Water Wolf”.

………….More on this matter later!