Saturday, 22 November 2008

Pike fly lines & shooting heads

Firefly Pike Lines
Created specifically for the pike and musky fly fisher, the Pike line has distinct advantages over other lines. The medium length head is slightly heavier to load modern fast action rods quickly for both long and short controlled, accurate casts with large pike flies. The short bullet front taper turns over large bunny leeches and streamers into the wind with ease. Made with a supple coldwater coating, the line remains memory-free in cold fishing conditions.
WF7F - WF10F/Length 100ft (30.5m)/Colour: Lt. Charteuse

Snowbee SSPI- Spectre Pike
clear coated dark green
intermediate line for Pike and toothy predators in all waters
SPI – Spectre Pike 28g/7-8, 36g/8-9

I have used the Snowbee line on a number of occasions and although not a bad line in general, my only gripe with it is that it is very hard to see once it drops through the first 3ocm of water.I personally like to see my line as it drops through the water column but thats just my preferance.